Virtual Events

Virtual events are becoming more popular and not only due to the Covid Pandemic. Virtual events or hybrid events (with guests attending in person and others attending virtually via the internet) offer an opportunity to widen the potential reach of your event.

Even though the technologies to host a virtual event are becoming more accessible and easier to use, a significant upfront investment is required to host such an event in the quality you and your guests deserve.

Discover how Sense8 Event can support you to create high quality virtual events utilizing modern technologies and tools for video, sound and lights on any platform you are in contact with your clients (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Mixcloud and many more).

Music / DJ Live Streams

Musicians and DJs are probably most affected by the cancellation of in-person events during pandemic. Forced by these circumstances they adapted very quickly. Live Streams of DJ Sets and other musical performances are becoming more and more popular among artists as marketing instrument. Virtual events or pre-recorded videos, published on social media or other video streaming platforms are a great way to reach a huge audience and help artists getting booked for the next event. For these reasons, more and more artists are turning creating virtual, high-quality events, making use of qualified technical personnel and adequate technical equipment, like the ones Sense8 Events is offering as a service.


Content Creators

Content is king that’s for sure. But not every content engages user the same way. Recent studies confirm that that videos on social media drive up to 60% more clicks than images. But as with every content it needs to be produced in a decent quality. Contact us to find out how Sense8 Events can support you in producing high quality content with multi camera live streams, recordings or (paid) webinars. Let’s find out how we can support you to monetize your content.


Company Events / Conferences

The number of virtual and hybrid events increased by 1000% since the pandemic hit the globe. Organizers struggled to reach their audience. With the help of multi camera recordings we can stream you event to various platforms of your choice. Let your guests join you virtually and let them take part in your panel discussion, conference or internal company event. Sense8 Events provides support in all aspects in regards to logistics and technology to increase user and customer engagement. Contact us to find out more.



Stay connected with your fans and bring your sports event live to your supporters anywhere in the world. Providing a live stream of your event on social media or your website enables friends and family to participate in the success of you and your team. Keep the recordings of your matches from multiple angles and use them afterwards for tactical analysis, errors in your teamplay or to change your gameplay strategy. Get in touch to find out what Sense8 Events can do for you!


Cultural Events

Include more participants of your cultural events via a live stream to your website or social media page. Theatres, public events in your city or town or any other performances broadcasted in a virtual event can attract new guests for the next edition and extend your reach on any platform. Contact us to learn more on how Sense8 Events can help you to create your first virtual or hybrid event.


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